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Another cruise night, more interesting British iron


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How about a 1955 Sunbeam Alpine, this was the roadster based on the Sunbeam-Talbot car during the mid 1950's, and a certain actress made the car famous...

I've never seen one in the flesh until last night, but I spotted it from across the parking lot as it pulled in, I knew what it was from a distance... The car was closely followed by that Sunbeam Tiger clone, apparently just coincidence... Talked to the owner of this Alpine, one family ownership since 1970 when it was purchased in Vancouver... And that slope on the back end of the car is so nice...

Sunbeam Alpine 02.jpg

Sunbeam Alpine 03.jpg

Sunbeam Alpine 04.jpg


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great cars! Bunty in Father Brown drives one - also red.
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