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TR6 TR6 made another list!


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Good on you, and all true I have had a TR 4 TR 250 and now a TR6 1973 It had a hard top I soon got rid of now 27 years and counting best car either road or show. Madflyer


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They are nice cars for sure, attractive cruisers if you want to putter around--and a few tweaks to suspension and motor and you have a rip roaring sports car.


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Drove or road in many on list as senior in high school ordered/owned factory new '67 327 Chevelle 12 yrs, last year overlapped with ownership of '72 TR6 41 yrs ago 86K miles on odometer currently 380K+ by no means powerful quick or high performing but best automobile I've owned, in what I didn't know comes with ownership People/Places for what I have put into it Money/Time. Over all maintenance relatively inexpensive compared to other vehicles own run running good you know what I'm talking about!


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I wonder if the writers know the motorcycle company spun off in the 1936 and were not affiliated with the car company.

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