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TR6 Need 1969 TR6 Expert Got Questions


Luke Skywalker
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Been restoring my 69 for a few years now and going to have a few questions along the way as I'm trying to do it correct. I've been stripping the body the last couple of days and there were at least 3 colors the car has been. Factory color was Signal Red which I'm bringing it back to. For what I know for sure the windshield frame is suppose to be the body color and the rear panel is also body color. Now I've been told that sometime in the 69 model year the rear was painted a satin black. Now stripping mine does show the rear was black on top of the red. The rear inner trunk panel is black too. The top color is a burgundy and no back out.

Now on the front of the car and behind the grill is suppose to be black or body color and what about the back side in the engine compartment? My engine compartment was blacked out with some black gooey stuff on top so I couldn't tell for sure. To get the goo off I've got to go directly to metal.

Some 69s also had fender beading between the deck and rear fender. I don't think I'm going to add it if it's suppose to have it. I'm tired of the fender beading. It's on my TR3 and the 250 and can be a pain. Don't know when all these changes were made so if there is someone out that can help I would appreciate it. My commission number is CC29843 L built on 1-1-69.
First let me assure I am not an expert, but I have spent years on my 69 restoration and upgrade.

The rear panel just below the trunk lid should be painted that satin.
My understanding is that the rear fender has the beeding, and that is how I did mine, but if not showing car who cares.
My car's engine compartment is painted the body color which I have been assured is correct.
The color of the again my research suggests is back for behind the grill.
My last point of interest is that while your vin # is consistent with a 69, it wasn't built on 1/1/1969. Probably.more toward the middle of the year.
Here is a copy of build # by year.

Model Year
CC25003 LFirst production car
(built 19th Sept 68)
CP25158Last production car that yearCC27383 LLast production car that year
CP25001First car was probably a prototypeCC25001 & CC25002 not yet found in
factory build records
CKDCP25002 to CP25145
were CKD
Model Year
CP25159First production car
(built 2nd Jan 69)
Model Year
CC27384 LFirst production car
(built 2nd Jan 69)
CP26998Last production car
(built 10th Sept 68)
CC32142 LLast production car
(built 19th Dec 69)
Model Year
CP50001First production car
(built 1st Sept 69)
Model Year
CC50001 LFirst production car
(built 22nd Nov 69)
CP50464Last production car that yearCC51032 LLast production car that year
CKDCP5001 to CP50436 believed to be CKD cars
Model Year
CP50465First production car
(built 1st Jan 70)
Model Year
CC51033 LFirst production car
(built 1st Jan 70)
CP52785Last production car that yearCC60902 LLast production car that year
Model year
CP52786First production car
(built 1st Jan 71)
Model Year
CC60903 LFirst production car
(built 1st Jan 71)
CP54572Last production car
(built 7th Sept 71)
CC67893 LLast production car
(built 20th Aug 71)
CKDCP54573 to CP54584
were CKD cars
Model Year
CC75001 LFirst production car
(built 20th Aug 71)
Model Year
CP75001First production car
(built 27th Sept 71)
CC7881Last production car that year
CP7544Last production car that year
Model Year
CP75455First production car
(built 3rd Jan 72)
Model Year
CC78813 UFirst production car
(built 3rd Jan 72)
CP77718Last production car
(built 21st Sept 72)
CC85737 ULast production car
(built 5th Oct 72)
Model Year
CR169First production car
(built 15th Nov 72)
Model Year
CF1 UFirst production car
(built 11th Sept 72)
CR664Last production car that yearCF4028 ULast production car that year
CKDCR1 to CR168
were CKD cars
Model Year
CR665First production car
(built on 2nd Jan 73)
Model Year
CF4029 UFirst production car
(built 2nd Jan 73)
CR2911Last production car
(built 17th Oct 73)
CF17002 ULast production car that year
Model Year
CR5049First production car
(built 14th Sept 73)
CR5612Last production car that year
CKDCR5001 to CR5048
were CKD cars
Model Year
CR5613First production car
(built 1st Jan 74)
Model Year
CF17002 UFirst production car
(built 2nd Jan 74)
CR6630Last production car that yearCF25777 ULast production car
(built 18th Sept 74)
Model Year
CR6631First production car
(built 1st Jan 75)
Model Year
CF27001 UFirst production car
(built 22nd Aug 74)
CR6701Last production car
(built 7th Feb 75)
CF29580 ULast production car that year
Model Year
CF50001 UFirst production car
(built 29th Aug 75)
CF52314 ULast production car that year
1976 1976
Model Year
CF52315 UFirst production car
(built 5th Jan 76)
CF58328 ULast ever production TR6
(built 15th Jul 76)

remember, I am no expert
Thanks for the info. Interesting that on the commission plate it's stamped Jan 1 1969. Here is what I did yesterday and today. If you guys want I can keep post updated pics?


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I had a lot of hammer and dolling to do. Nice thing is with this PPG CRE epoxy primer is you use it as a base and do all you filler, priming, seam sealing and you can even top coat over it. Got some filling and seam sealer work to do. I might even put color on it just to get the excitement juices flowing.
As with all the tr 4's the tr6"s were HAND painted behind the grill in dull black paint Make sure that you do
as poor a job as the slob on the line did back in the day........
MAD dog
Probably wasn't nearly as bad as the last paint job on this car. Must have been an Earl Shibe job. Everything was painted burgundy.
The burgundy pain is coming right off with some stripper and 40 grit paper. But this feather fill stuff is a real job to get off.
The worst 69 I ever bought (just to get the overdrive trans) had rockers made of spray foam under the quicky paint job.
There was a bulge in the drivers floor where a 2x4 was shoved in to help align the left door!!!! RE-defined Rust bucket.
Mad dog
Found the following thought you might be interested.

In terms of aesthetics, when first produced some styling details were carried over from earlier Triumph TR models but soon dropped, such as short fender beads on part of the rear wings (fenders) on the 1968-built and possibly very early 1969-built models. The wheel rims changed slightly starting with the 1970 model year, increasing their width from 5" to 5.5", at which time the Rostyle wheel covers (hubcaps) that were standard on the TR5, TR250, and 1969 TR6s were discontinued and centre caps were used. The 1969 models also sported a unique steering wheel and a magnetic petrol filler cap
Thanks for the new info. For sure the windshield posts will be body color but I haven't decided on the rear panel yet. Got time to think about it. Anyway here is a pic of what I've done on top of the CRE primer. That the nice thing with it as it locks everything down and you do your filling work on top of it. You got 7 days from application to go right over top of it with out sanding. Metal must be sandblasted or sanded with 80 grit.
When done with the CRE primer I will probably do a couple coats of urethane sandable primer (white) then put some color on it. If I do that I'll have to clear it too.
You may consider using a darker primer if your going with red paint. If you get a chip in the paint with white primer, you'll have a white spot showing through.
Okay SC TR6 I was rereading your post and got curious about the build date of my TR6. I saw the Jan 1 1969 on the commission plate and thought that was the build date. It says it complies with all US Federal Safety Standards. So I thinking it's the new standards that start on that date. Here is a pic of my commission plate.


  • 20230712_221807.jpg
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If you are going a solid red colour, allways use a tintable primer, Red is one of the most transparent pigments there is.
I once did a repair on a solid red car, even after eight coats you could still see the grey patches of primer. allways tinted primer after that.
To make red realy pop, use a yellow base under it, This was a thing Boyd Codington used to use, works realy well.
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