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TR6 Distributor Gear Mounting Question Need End Float Washer


Luke Skywalker
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Finally got my cam back and reinstalling everything this weekend. Ran into a little dilemma. The distributor drive figure in the Haines manual shows that there is to be a washer between the top of the oil pump bush and the distributor drive gear. First of all what is the process to get the correct measurement for A&B for the thickness of the washer? Suppose to be a 5k end float at A. second is that Moss does not show this washer in any of their illustrations so I would have to believe it is not available at lease thru them 20210528_175224.jpg. When i took it out I don't remember there being one but there are 2 stacked gaskets for the distributor.


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There is NO washer there. If you look at a manual you will find the process for using a washer to determine what the distance is at that location. Then to get the proper end float distance you use gaskets on top of the pedestal ( location B in your diagram) to obtain that distance. What you want is a space at location A not a washer.


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Yes, that's correct about the gaskets, but I always wonder how the gaskets could possibly maintain their thickness. Won't a few years of moisture and oil cause the gaskets to vary in thickness and ruin the plan for so many 1000ths of an inch to remain constant? Another issue I always have is getting the pedestal seat to be square so that the measurement is correct and meaningful. With a washer in there, I can rock the pedestal, so how can it possibly be accurate unless we are assured the setup is square to the shaft. Confusing, I know, but I'm not sure how better to say it.


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It is a very thin paper shim, called a "gasket". Moss p/n 697-145. Ill. # 117. Be careful the bolts and the center hole in the shim fit with clearance. The "dummy" spacer should truly flat, and buy shims as req'd.

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