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Need an Anti-Tramp Bar?



It's been quite awhile since I posted here, but I have been enjoying trouble-free life with my BN2 so I had no need to bother anyone. :smile:

There is one thing that has been troubling me for some time, and that is rear movement during hard acceleration or deceleration (not braking, just lifting the foot off the accelerator pedal).

Please take a look at the video showing the diff:

and what happens with the springs:

Is this normal?

On top, when accelerating, decelerating or going into OD, the rear of the car seems to move sideways.

I do have an aluminum head and DW cam, so the engine has slightly more power than stock.

Do I need an anti-tramp bar kit, or are my springs just too old and weak?

There is no way I could move the diff like this with my hand when the car is stationary!


BN2 '56
Bugeye '60 in restoration
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Re: Need to a anti tramp bar kit??

Thanks Steve, saves me having to find that video.

Tadek, your axle movement is normal. Unless you're breaking things, you don't need them.

I have them because I broke the rear universal grease fitting, but I have significantly more power in my 6-cylinder. Steve is also correct, you need side exhaust.
Re: Need to a anti tramp bar kit??

I didn't learn anything from the video but I agree with Steve, I don't really think this indicates the need for a tramp bar. I think your description suggests it could be a spring eye bush gone bad.

When driving at a steady speed if you feel the car steer slightly when you transition back and forth between light acceleration and light deceleration (no brakes involved - just on & off the throttle) my bet is a spring eye rubber bushing has failed, most likely a front one because the front ones are the ones that locate the axle. When the rubber bushing fails (rubber grinds away) the spring and axle can move forward and rearwards and 1/8" of so - just enough to change the relative alignment of the front and rear making it "steer".

I had this happen to me a few years ago and it drove me nuts trying to figure out what was wrong. In my case it was subtle enough that I sometimes thought I was dreaming - its and old car and they wander :smile:.

It can be difficult to trace the problem because when you jack up the car, the axle comes to rest on the pads on the frame and the springs are still under some tension so wiggling by hand doesn't work. I had to finally release the u-bolts and free the springs from tension to feel the movement.

I really cant get much from the video either.

If you have side-to-side movement of the axle check the Panhard bar for wear, play, etc.
Many thanks gentlemen,

I would say my axle moves roughly same as on the video you posted Steve, just shot at a different angle.

the spring bushing could be a problem then - you may be right.

I do not mind that rear car twist when accelerating, however when quickly lifting the foot off the accelerator at speed on the highway it's less pleasant.


Not to change the subject, but I'm curious and perhaps you can contact me via PM to address my questions:

Is there a Healey club or British car club in Poland? If so, do they have a website? What types of activities do they organize?
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