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Wedge TR7 engine, need help identifying part.


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Hello, I am a new member. I pulled the engine and transmission out of my TR7 to replace some seals and gaskets - trying to dry up a few leaks. There is what looks like the head of a bolt just above the housing for the rear oil seal; it was not very snug (see pick).
Can anyone tell me what this is or what it does and how tight should it be ??? I appreciate any help, Thanks, Chris IMG_1162.jpgIMG_1162.jpgIMG_1162.jpgNot sure why the photo showed up three times.


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I am not expert on TR7s but. The bolt (plug) in question is at the end of a cast in passage, at the other end of which appears to be the oil filter. If so, it needs to be tight to hold the oil in the engine.


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The Moss catalog shows this part as number eight on the engine blowup. It calls it a blanking plug for an oil gallery. It needs to be tight to keep the oil in the little motor.


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You might want to pull it out and clean up and dry the threads. Then so you can sleep at night put some blue lock tight on it so you know it won't loosen up again.
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