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TR6 Hot spot on cylinder head - 1973 TR6


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When I point the laser temp gun at my cylinder head there is one very hot spot indicated by that bit of yellow masking tape. If I run the car for a minute, that entire side of the head will register around 100-105 and the spot will be 145-150. If I drive the car and get it warmed up to normal, then the readings average 220, except that spot, which will be 300+
I'm about to pull the valve cover for a look, but has anyone encountered this? Any guesses about what I might find?


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Not really a guess but your EGT in # 3 is too high . Air leak causing lean burn?? If this goes on you may see
a piston failure in #3
Mad dog


Jedi Hopeful
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Not really a guess but your EGT in # 3 is too high . Air leak causing lean burn?? If this goes on you may see
a piston failure in #3
Mad dog
Thanks, MD... I'll take a look at the plugs tomorrow. My first step will be draining and refilling the coolant in case there is an air pocket in the cooling system. There are some other ideas discussed on the triumphexp.com forum. Grandpa duties today but will post after I get it put back together manana. The car has been running great, and I did check to make sure there is a valve lash gap on that valve.
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