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TR6 Another TR6 back on the road


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Back on the road for the first time since 1999. It’s a ‘73 four speed. Body off, ground up restoration (except for paint) with improvements to engine and suspension. FUNNNNNN! These cars sound so great, gear ratios make sense, and people love ‘em.


  • 2E45DD51-B5D0-4FF7-A1CD-6FE969CBB402.jpeg
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  • 5E233090-20AF-497C-BCF0-3B6A3C38D290.jpeg
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  • EB9E7D44-9465-4ED4-AA3E-09298E0ABCBE.jpeg
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Frank Canale

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Congratulations , I have always liked that color on the TR6. Great job! Frank
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