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Another 3 sisters spring with commentary

Hamish Racing

Jedi Knight
Country flag
Hi folks another of my videos. Sorry for the misleading ‘click bait’ title, 3 sisters is a track in Wigan in the UK

I know you must be getting bored of my videos, I have been trying to add something different with views of tyres from under the car and an under bonnet look at the carbs.

this time I did a classic marques event at 3 sisters track at Wigan and decided I would try and do a drivers commentary live. The audio worked ok I confess to being a little distracted by the driving.
see what you think.
if nothing else you’ll know what I sound like !!!
I made full use of overdrive 2nd too.

it started dry and got wetter. Many went home as the times weren’t going to get quicker some like me stayed for the experience but stopped at 9 seconds slower and getting too wet in the open car.

The classic marques class numbers were 134 to 155 with a very wide variety of car old and new.
with me being 151 if you want to see the times of various car types click on the name or number to see the run times.

> TTT Live Timing <

I came 4th overall on handicap for the ‘CM’ class, which I am pleased about. Obviously the dry run.
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