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Adjusting Pushrods in Pedal Box


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Finished assembly of pedal box & resleeved 3/4" Dual Master for Bugsy II tonight. My first finished piece/ sub assembly. Need to adjust the pushrod length. How much play needs to be left in the pedal. If there a Method and Correct Procedure to adjust. Thanks in advance for the help.
From "the book"

In the event of the adjustment having been disturbed reset the effective length of the rod connecting the piston to the pedal until until the pedal pad can
be depressed approximately 5/32" before the piuston begins to move. The clearance can be flest if the pdeal is depressed by hand. It si very important that the push-rod shoiuld have a minimum free movement of 1/32" before the piston starts to move.
Thanks Bill, Well I can definitely close things down from the > 1/2" free play there is in there now. Thanks for the help.
Just an FYI, if you get them too tight (no freeplay), the front brakes will not release properly.
Just an FYI, if you get them too tight (no freeplay), the front brakes will not release properly.

I did this when I first bought my Bugeye. I did a brake job and replaced the pads & rotors and adjusted the rods too tightly and the brakes locked up on the test drive. Ooops! Lesson learned. :smile:
Tks sometimes loosely is better.
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