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Adjusting Spridget Doors


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Is there a simple how to guide to adjusting BE/Spridget Door Gaps. The PS on Bugsy was simple to do but the DS is giving me fits. Front Bottom of door is in 1/4" too far and I had lower hinge plate screw on door kicked to the left and out I think as far as it will go.


Something is probably bent and you may have to do some to get it right yourself.

Spacer between the door and hinge?


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After looking at your door a bit I think you just have some reluctant screws and plates. I would loosen everything with the door open (how else?) and work it around a bit to make sure everything moves. I didn't see any damage, but there may be some parts that have become really good friends...break up that friendship with a little WP!


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Thanks for your input. Rut and his Wife Jo stopped by and met Bugsy IV on Tuesday. Rut was on a quest from Alabama to Washington Courthouse, OH, about 45 minutes away, to pick up a frame. Well he got the frame, suspension, engine, and tranny for his TR-4 Project and we got to spend a few minutes together. Unfortunately I didn't have time during a work from home day to buy him and his lovely bride lunch. Rut I owe you one. Really nice to put a face with a name I chat with on a regular basis. Played more with the door last night and getting it dialed in. This one was way off. I took it apart. got all of the hinges and tapping plates to loosen up as well as the striker plate and I'm real close now. Need to play with it a little bit more and then one to some more things on the punchlist. Like brakes that need rebleeding.

My potential buyer for Bugsy II is waffling. I cannot get OH to give me a Title for Bugsy II as I do not have a copy of the cars last Registration from 31 years ago. Paper copies of Registrations are no longer available from Canada and PO who had cancer is not returning any messages. I may be listing Bugsy II on E-Bay as a Bill of Sale Car only this weekend. Only other option is to file a claim in Common Pleas Court to ask a judge to issue an order to the state to grant me a title. A PITA. No clue how long that process would take. I need driveway space and don't want the car sitting outside under a tarp. This one is salvageable, tons of parts and all the new sheetmetal and a hardtop to go with it. No engine and tranny. Drop in your choice of engine and tranny and away you go.
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