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Transmission Bearing, Sealed vs. Non-Sealed


Obi Wan
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I ordered a new 1st motion shaft bearing and main shaft bearing from Moss for my BJ8 transmission.
The bearings I received weren't the same as the photos on their website.

The 1st motion shaft bearing (moss 128-200) that I received doesn't have any stamping on it. The box says NSK 6307DDUNR, made in Japan and made in Poland. How can that be? Seem like a generic bearing, no reference info stamped on the bearing.

The main bearing (moss 620-586) I received, box says SCH,6308NR made in South Korea. It's a sealed bearing. Bearing stamp, 6307N Poland DJ29

I asked Moss about not receiving the same bearings as noted on their site, and why is the 1st motion a sealed bearing. His reply, we change vendors all the time.

1st 2nd photos 1st motion bearings
2nd 3rd photos mainshaft bearings.

Are sealed bearing ok to use in our transmission?
I'm not that confident in using what I got from moss.

Your thoughts?


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Jedi Knight
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I'd suggest going to somebody like Bearings Inc. They can cross reference any original bearing number and either supply an exact replacement or cross-reference another brand for that application. They should be able to supply the best quality available for any bearing number. Remember that Moss is just a broker....


Great Pumpkin
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Yeah, RED57

That is a better way to go.
Also, New departure cross-references bearings too


Obi Wan
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Not all baulk rings are good, DW has the good ones.
What brand/part # of bearings for our 2 shafts are the good ones?


Great Pumpkin
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Timken Bearings is who I use if at all possible. They can usually match any bearing with one of theirs in stock. PJ
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re: "Are sealed bearing ok to use in our transmission?"

I have no experience using a sealed bearing in a gearbox, probably because I've never seen one. Sealed bearings are usually used in otherwise unsealed/exposed applications; they're packed with grease and I'd expect the gearbox oil to breach the seal eventually.
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