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Stuck Intake Valves.. The Final Chapter!


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The stuck intake valve saga has been continuing quietly for several weeks now. Here is how it went:
1. Got the Junkpile B running. Valves stuck after sitting overnight.
2. Removed head, cleaned up GOO in the head and re-installed. Ran good, Valves stuck the next day.
3. Put a different head on. Valves stuck again.
4. Soaked original head in tank overnight. Cleaned it all up, lapped valves. Re-installed it on the car. BEFORE I ever cranked it up, I changed the gas tank!!! Now it runs good, after sitting all night in subfreezing temperatures. The old tank has about 1/16 of an inch of GOO in the bottom. When I say GOO, this stuff looks like the thick, brown, sticky Permatex Gasket stuff.
As I was removing the valves from the head that had soaked overnight, Frankenstang (Junkpile Spitfire Guy) was there.
As I was removing one of the intake valves, he remarked that he had never seen any so stuck. I used a 3 pound hammer and punch to drive the valves out. There was sticky black stuff on the stems that glued them in place. When everything was cleaned, they slid perfectly.
So...Lesson learned. Check the "empty" gas tank that has been sitting for a few years. Junkpile B due to hit the road this week (fingers and toes crossed).
Bruce, Glad to have it all figured out)

tony barnhill

Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
WOO HOO....you apparently didn't follow https://www.theautoist.com/CHECKLIST.HTM where it advises to drop the tank & clean before ever trying to start the engine....hehehehe

Glad you solved the problem!


The first LBC I worked on in high-school was a '64 B that had been parked for nearly a decade. We never thought to drop the tank. Based on your experience I'd say we were lucky. This particular B would run for a few miles and then the fuel system would plug up. Not having other means at my disposal, we washed the inside of the tank with paint strippers. It worked but I probably shortened my life because of that fuel tank.

I'm glad you got it sorted out Bruce.


Great Pumpkin
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Not to mention playing in mercury, rubbing it into dimes 'n quarters with yer fingers, solderin' up all those 'breadboard' experiments, attending grade school in a building with asbestos insulation on all the furnace ducting, ENJOYING th' smell of pumping gasoline, xylol and carbon tetrachloride as cleaning agents, sanding/painting cars, eating Reddi-Whip on apple pie... an endless list.

I may as well just go lie down inna back yard an' WAIT fer it. /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/jester.gif


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My first car experiences were on Model A Fords (when my peers were messing with 57 chevys and Camaros). At one point, my brother and I needed to replace a gas tank on one of our cars. The only extra we had contained a bird's nest. How do you get that out we wondered. My older but not wiser brother thought it would be a good idea to burn it out. Singed eyebrows, lots of running, you get the picture. I guess I am pretty lucky, or perhaps my guardian angel likes cars.
I did manage to learn many good life lessons at my brother's expense.
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