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Seat Cover Bugeye Sprite Mark 1


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I bought a seat cover set from Moss and it's WAY OFF from the original color. It's red rather than burgundy/maroon. I had bought a set back when I first restored the car in the mid 1990s. At that time their seat covers were a really nice reproduction of the original, both color and quality. Not this time. Does anyone have a source for good reproduction seat covers for a Bugeye?


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Have you tried Bugeyeguy? Their catalog shows these for $400/set.


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I’ll second AHSpares...excellent color match and fit.


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Thanks guys. I use AH Spares quite a bit. Shipping is higher, but parts are often cheaper. Funny, I had emailed them Saturday because on the website the color shows too light and kind of red as well. They emailed me back this morning and acknowledged that the website is lighter and not true to the color that they use. They are sending me a sample!! Excited, since it has 2 votes here on this site.
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