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TR6 Scuttle lid spring?


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I'm converting my vent screen to the scuttle lid and can't figure out how the spring sits/attaches to the firewall. Looking for a picture of an earlier model showing how the spring rests in position. Thanks.


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It's a bit of an awkward shot but here you go. The spring is oriented forward into two spot welded clips on the bulkhead that are roughly above the two screws that hold the clips for routing the bonnet release cable. This shot is taken from the right hand side of the car showing that clip. Without the light in the picture, the spring and clips would not show up in the photo. I could not get the light balanced to be able to show both clips, but this should be enough to give you the general layout.


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Thank you Tybalt! That is perfect. Since my car was built with the screen cover the welded clips are not there so I will need to get creative. Your picture answers my question spot on.


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Since you don't have the clips, perhaps something like these:


or these:

https://www.mcmaster.com/#hose-clamps/=1b99vz6 (select the routing clamps, then when on that page, scroll down to loop clamps if the McMaster page only gets you part of the way there)

could be used for making the hinge line for the spring. As far as the depth of that hinge line in that well, there is a lip at the opening that a channel in the seal fits over. From the top of that lip down to the hinge line for the spring, you looking at something between 1'' and 1 1/8".


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I was thinking the same and the measurement for the spring line helps. I'll post pics when done. Thanks


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Success! Works perfect. I attached two small rubberized c clamps (ace hardware) to the inside of the scuttle to hold the spring. You can see the outside location where the two shiny bolts are just below the bonnet seal. The two attachment points for the later model black screen are still in place if some day it needs to be changed back.
Scuttle complete.jpg
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