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More Shroud to Scuttle install


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  1. At the front bottom of the front shroud, underthe grill, the sheet metal curls under to form a nice finish edge. On my car one side is curled tight and the other about ¼” open. Which is correct?
  2. More important, the gap between the scuttle and the shroud is about ¼” at the demister slots. I’ve taken several measurements and observations from different angles with the shroud in place, and all mounting holes lined up. Using a level, the scuttle is flat enough. The shroud is bowed up slightly. Other than that all looks OK to my eye. Do the demisters pull the gap closed at all once installed? Does anything else pull it closed? Is that ¼” gap OK?
  3. If the gap is OK, what is the best material to fill the gap around the demisters? Foam strips? I plan to use 3M seam sealer between the scuttle and the shroud, where it fits tighter.


  • Scuttle top.jpg
    Scuttle top.jpg
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  • shroud curled edge open quarter.jpg
    shroud curled edge open quarter.jpg
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  • shroud curled edge tight.jpg
    shroud curled edge tight.jpg
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  • Shroud top.jpg
    Shroud top.jpg
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From your response can I assume that a 1/4" gap is normal?


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I am kind of late to the game, but if you aren't already past this stage, the photos below illustrate a tip that someone (probably from this forum) shared with me. As you can see I used dum-dum as Randy suggested. However, before final assembly if you put wax paper between the shroud and the tub and then press pretty hard you can see where the dum dum is compressing and where it isn't. This gives you a clue about where you need a thicker application of dum dum or not.


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Thanks Lin. I'm not past that stage yet. Thanks for the tip. Very helpful.

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