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Monster MGA at Britfest 2012, Morris County, NJ


Jedi Trainee
V-12 Jag Engine! Wow! :eeek:


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Great Pumpkin
Yeah! The sound of six Webers on that V12 was amazing.
He won Best Modified at the show.

To me the other amazing thing was to see that McLaren MP4-12C pull in. These things sell for $1 million when new and used ones can bring at twice that much.

Lots of nice Spridgets too.

I'll have some photos later.


Jedi Trainee
Wow! I didn't take as many as you, Nial. You even went out into the car park! :devilgrin:


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Staff member
Country flag
wild! and great pics


Thanks much Nial!
Great pics though it looks as if your weather isn't much better than ours!



Jedi Trainee
More photos.


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Jedi Trainee
Country flag
I was parked next to that beater in the lot. It looks WAY better in the picture than it did in person! But it got there, and hopefuly back home.


Great Pumpkin
I actually took a couple of guys from the club out to the parking lot, to look at that beater MGB.

It looked <span style="text-decoration: underline">soooo</span> tired.....but it was cool, in its own non-pretentious way.

George: Great meeting up with you and the Missus!


Jedi Trainee
I had a 74 MGB that was mechanically just fine but looked about in the same condition as the beater. Except mine had smaller dents and a brand new Earl Schieb paint job. I drove the heck out of that car for 4 years, year-round in Central Ohio. It never let me down :bow: Beaters are great!
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