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For Sale MGA wiring harness


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A very good friend of mine owned and ran a British car repair shop in Raleigh for many years. He and I used to race Sprites back in the 70's. He has retired now and has been cleaning out his shop of the many accumulated treasures. He came across a MGA wiring harness and, knowing that I had just acquired a MGA, he called me to see if I needed one. It is for an early MGA, not the 1600's. The old Moss number on the package is 355-040. He called Moss and found out the new number is 356-170. This is a new in the package harness. He would like to get $200 for it. His name is Carl and his cell number is 919 906-5615. I have no financial interest in the harness, I am just passing the information along to help Carl get rid of his old stock and someone on the forum to get a good deal.
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