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Hello Y'all


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Hello everyone. Somehow with everything going on, I did not have all the free time I would think I would have. My battery died in the midget last fall in my yellow 71. I just put a new one in last week and took it for a drive and remembered why I have midgets. I checked the fluids when I got home and saw that it needed some oil. Poured some in and saw some leak out around the valve cover. I need to buy a new gasket for that. I will see what auto zone or the other local places have and what they charge. Otherwise, I will get an order together to make it worth shipping. The brakes were pulling to one side so I suspect gear oil is getting into one of the drums. Funny how you can just sense that and other things after getting used to these cars. I haven't even really looked at the 77 or the bugeye front end to go on it. I just have not had a lot of enthusiasm. I love my girl and go visit her every other day and usually leave the facility with a lump in my throat. I really hope all of y'all are doing well. Its warming up here now and time to play with our toys. I got 3 motorcycles and 2 midgets and still got the little 91 Ford Festiva. Funny thing on that little car. Had it for over 30 years and in the winter, the heat in that car has never been good. Flushed the heater core and still nothing. I just found out that the thermostat is not right, all the car part places are selling the wrong thermostat. That car had OEM a dual stage thermostat. I never heard of this but was talking with a Miata guy(Festiva is a Mazda 121) and he tells me all about this and I am now going to get one of these. I just know this is the answer. Of course, I would have to find this out in the spring LOL.


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Welcome Kim and great to have an update! I had wondered if you and the yellow car were still around. Please keep us posted!


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Great to hear the update, Kim
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