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Black seat kits for 62 sprite/midget


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So I want to install new kits. I like black seats with black piping. I used to be able to buy them ..now all that I find are black with white piping.
Any ideas from folks who know more than me?


Jedi Warrior
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As I recall a 62 Sprite seat was identical to a Bugeye seat. Try Heritage Trim. https://www.heritagetrim.com

Be prepared for sticker shock if you call heritage, there's a reason the don't post their prices. The guy I talked to even said "using kits from the cheaper brands will de-value my car."

I used AH-Spares and very happy with the results. They were also the only vendor that had everything in stock: Seat covers, extra matching vinyl for dash and door pockets, seat foam, upholstery clips....


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Gerard also may be able to help you out. NFI of course.


I bought black with red piping for my red MK2 Sprite.
They were very nice, both in fit and finish.
Got new foams and all the rest too - everything perfect.
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