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1958 ignition light ?


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That little light that comes on when you turn the ignition switch on. Does it stay on after the engine starts. I have the new pointless Flame thrower distributor.
The light now goes off when the engine starts.
I kind of thought it did
It's really a charge indicator, goes off when the output of the generator exceeds the level of the battery/ignition circuit.
Oh, Corvairs had them lights, too.
We used to call the red light the "belt break indicator".
had this car since 1973 and could not remember what it did after the car started.
Caus that,s when the fun starts. As long as the car is moving down the road and it sounds good,The heck with that little light. Kind of hard to see anyway
Perfect timing for me. I just installed the flame-thrower and new coil in my 66 AH sprite and the light stays lit all the time. With the old distributer it would turn off as expected once the engine started running. How do you troubleshoot this? I know it is sort of useless but after all the work I have put in the car I'd like to poke at it some more!
Thanks for the help.
Not sure
I installed a new pentronic distributor 2 yeas ago had a 3 ohm flame thrower coil already, it all worked ok tell last Friday. It went from running perfectly to not in 30 seconds. I am going to install a fuse link on the ground wire just in case too much voltage is cooking the coil.
Not sure if a failed voltage regulator caused the problem.
I tried a different coil but I think it got cooked as I could smell hot wires.
They said I have the coil on Wednesday
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