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1958 Frogeye with fuel problems


Freshman Member
Hi, I am totally new to this forum and sofar I have spent a lot of time reading and learning.
But I currently have a big issue with my Frogeye regarding the fuel supply.

The car runs fine until it get´s warm and then kind of starves and will just stop after cooling down it will be fine again.
I have changed the mechanical pump against a Facet cube and tried the elecrical pump in the engine bay and then moved it to the back.
But, I still have the same issue!

The Facet pump will work fine until the car is warm then suddenly you hear the ticking noise as if the pump is not moving any fuel.
As I said I have read lots of threads on similar issues but everything I have tried in the past few weeks has not helped.

Additional information: Engine is the original 948 version, Twin HS2 Carbs installed, Heat Shield is installed, all fuel lines are new and checked

The Fuel bowls feel very warm but if these are vapor locking then the pump in the back of the car should still be full of fuel and would not make the clicking noise.
I really don´t know what to do anymore....

Perhaps somebody has had a similar issue or has some advice.

Grettings from Germany
Is the gas cap vented?
Before continuing with the fuel issue.

Have you tried a different coil? It sounds like the coil is failing. Easy/cheap to check out.


Freshman Member
Thanks for your reply, sofar I concentrated on fuel related things and did not think about things like the coil.
But would the coil really have such symptoms? The car runs like a beauty when cold and suddenly when warm the pump starts ticking and is empty and the car just stalls.
Facet fuel pumps tick continuously. If you create a vacuum in your tank (because of a non-vented cap) the ticking may be louder. So, next time it stalls open the gas cap and listen for a whoosh.

If that doesn't fix your issue check the coil. It can cause the symptoms you describe.


You could also disconnect the fuel line in front of the carb's and put it in a container to see how the fuel pumps. Could be a blockage inside the tank.



Jedi Knight
You could also disconnect the fuel line in front of the carb's and put it in a container to see how the fuel pumps. Could be a blockage inside the tank.


Good point! That little screen in the tank could be FUBAR.


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You could also disconnect the fuel line in front of the carb's and put it in a container to see how the fuel pumps. Could be a blockage inside the tank.


You might temporarily add a section of clear/transparent hose to the fuel line to watch what happens when the pump starts ticking faster.


Jedi Warrior
Facet manufactures different types of pumps, some are continuous and some are the interrupter type. It really will not matter with this test; disconnect fuel pump line at the carburetor. Have a one gallon milk container to start your fuel pump test.. Have someone operate your ignition switch to control fuel pump while you time the fuel going in to container for 60 seconds, that is if you don’t have a fuel pressure tester. Your filling the gallon container to see how much fuel can be pump in 60 seconds then multiply by 60 and that will give you gallons per hour “GPH” that your pump is pumping. You would like to have at least 12 GPH at the minimum. If your not you may have an obstruction at the screen pickup inside of tank. This screen cannot be replaced but you can remove it but it’s kind of a pain.


Freshman Member

Just wanted to give a feedback.... changing the coil solved all my problems.
Thanks a lot for your advice.

Just went of for the first real drive.
2013-08-09 17.34.00.jpg
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