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1500 clutch master


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My master cylinder took a nose dive, found I had no clutch when I tried to take it for a spin today. Floor mat is wet with brake fluid, and the reservoir is empty. Aside from the non-original appearance, is there a downside to this new manufacture master cylinder that I see Moss carries?


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I have it on mine - all is good. Two thoughts though.

1. A rebuild kit is so cheap I figure it is always worth trying that first. However, if the interior is pitted don't bother.

2. I had a horrible time not with the MC but with the hose - I had to replace all a couple of years ago and could not get the hose to seat properly - I suspect the tolerances are way off for the hose ends. I ended up finding some new hose at a hydraulic shop (harder than you would think) and reusing my old ends.

I suspect Gerard might drop by and suggest resleeving the old - I have no experience with this but it would certainly preserve the appearance.

Have you done this before? which is to say, are you aware of the PITA nature of bleeding a 1500 clutch?


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Thanks JP, I did do a rebuild kit for the clutch master many years ago, and I know all too well what a joy it is to bleed the clutch. Didn't have a burning urge to try another rebuild kit right now, but I'll hang on to it and see if it can be rebuilt again. Might be moving in the next few months and I was shooting for driveable over authentic. Moss refers to two different master cylinders, one identified by a groove near the flange. Would this groove be inside the pedal box when installed, or on the reservoir side? I have a small raised line on the reservoir side, but trying to figure out if that's the "groove" they are talking about. I don't remember what kit I had, it was probably 13 years ago when I rebuilt it.


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No clue though there really isn't much of anything in the pedal box as I recall.


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See picture for identification marks you ask about.

The groove should be clearly visible just behind the flange, if you have one. Note that some later ones are ID'd by a bullseye near the hydraulic connection.

MG Midget clutch master ID.jpg
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