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1275 Transplant --- Final Report


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Last weekend I took a trip to Astoria down US 30, a 100 mile round trip. The engine performed as well as I could have ever hoped. Passing uphill without having to get a run to get a head of steam was not necessary. Regular two lane passing just by hitting the gas, again, no run necessary. 30 mpg. ...

Friday night I set the valves, (with feelers as recommended) and Saturday morning drove up to Fife. Running at 60 mph for 100 miles I got over 40 mpg. For the round trip of about 200 miles, my average was about 34 mpg. The second tank included a trip to the LeMay museum (do that if you can!) and the run home, about 1/2 of which was 70 mph and showed 28 mpg. At an ambient temp of about 55 degrees, the car runs at 170 degrees, 68 psi oil pressure at 70 mph.

Suzanne commented that the car is now much quieter (i.e. we can actually talk without having to yell) and she thought that the ride had improved. Maybe the new seat cushions have something to do with that.

Overall, I now count the swop complete and a complete success.

One more oil change in another 700 will be my second oil change so that I have one at 500 miles and one at 1500 miles. I plan to change again at another 1500 miles then go back to a regular 3000 mile interval.


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Bet you enjoyed those twistees just before Astoria! Great route.... Have you ever been up the WA side? It's special too


Glad that it is working well Bill!
Come on down and we can see if you can catch me :smile:
Glad to hear that Susanne is still in the picture.


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I make the drive just so that I can do those Esses. It was one of the very few times that I had them clear shot at them, at least going in. I DO sometimes make the circle route and go down the Washington side and back up the Oregon, or vice versa.
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