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  1. B

    For Sale TR2-3 Door Top Wood Rail

    I have a newly minted set, L&R, of top door wood rails that will fit up to TS60000. I make these in ash from original patterns and this is a set left over from the last run $100 plus shipping. Bill
  2. manykl

    I'm new! ......at 63 years old

    Hi, I'm new. Thanks for letting me join! I have had a few British cars, currently a Lotus Europa. I am trying to find out any information on removing the big slotted plug at the end/side of an Girling AR caliper. This is for a different car, not the Europa. These calipers were used on early...
  3. 1

    New Member Intro. and Maybe Something of Interest to You

    Hello All, I've lurked long enough and will now join your knowledgeable community. To smooth my entry and establish some "bona fides" as a Triumph nut I will provide a possible answer to an old TR4 competition question at the end of this post. But first too much about me and my cars. My...
  4. S

    TR4/4A TR4 front and rear suspension

    i have an early TR4. i need to replace the front shocks and the rear lever shocks. it looks like the front shocks just unbolt? is it as easy as it looks? i'm assuming you don't have to tear into the front suspension to do this? on the rear, i've got panhard bars; they are welded in. i'm...
  5. scottdr

    TR2/3/3A TR3A Aero Screens?

    I am a new '58 TR3A owner and really like the looks of the aero screens I see in many TR pics. Were these a factory option? Are reproduction ones available and if so, any suggestions, source? How do they install? Any issues removing full windscreen? Thanks for the education! SR
  6. L

    GT6 correct finish

    new to the hobby-1969 gt6- what is the correct factory finish on the framerails,undercarriage(black undercoating?) Would changing the factory color effect value thanks
  7. S

    TR2/3/3A TR3 Gearbox Dipstick Question on oil level

    Today, I drained my TR3 non-overdrive gearbox. I refilled it with 1.8 pints of oil (approx 3.5 cups). After a short drive I checked the level with the gearbox dipstick and nothing registered. There was no leak. Do I keep it at 1.8 pints or do I fill it until it reads on the dipstick? When I...
  8. T

    TR2/3/3A Early/Late Starter?

    Gentlemen, I think the pictured starter is the "Bullnose" or "Bomb" type used on pre-TS50000 cars. Is that correct? From what I have read, supposedly this will work fine with post TS50000 cars (with the transmission bulge) as long as there is a press-on flywheel ring, but one should not try...
  9. W

    For Sale 57 smallmouth with OD in pieces

    No longer for sale - started the welding up the body toward keeping it. Hi folks, I am continuing to plug away at this project, but am also aware that it may be years before I can get it done so I am posting to see if there is interest. Price is in Canadian $ and firm at 5500 - a bargain in...
  10. T

    TR2/3/3A Water Pump Housing Bypass

    This topic has been discussed in some way many times and there are different opinions about the bypass with a sleeveless thermostat: to block or not to block, partially block, or it doesn't matter However, I understand at TR4A time the Triumph engineers opted for an un-sleeved thermostat with...
  11. trglory

    TR2/3/3A Wire Wheels

    I'm toying with the idea of putting wire wheels on my '58 TR3a. I have a set of 72 spoke wires off of a TR6 which are in VG condition. I also have 5/16" spacers which I hope will preclude the need to cut the wheel lugs. Will this combination work? Anyone done this? Any reason why I should not do...
  12. T

    TR2/3/3A TR4 Air cleaners on TR3

    Would appreciate any clarification of what I have read on some of the threads about alternative paper air cleaners. Do the early TR4 paper cleaners fit the TR3 carbs AND clear the inner fenders? Were the TR4 cleaners a complete disposable assembly, or were the paper filters replaceable? I see...
  13. tr3guy

    TR2/3/3A New TR3 Seat Rail Glides

    I am ready to buy new seat rails for my TR3a restoration. moss and RF both have their rail sets for the same price, although RF advertises theirs to come with all hardware needed for installation. Do any forum members know of any quality difference between the two systems? Thanks, Jim
  14. T

    TR2/3/3A Overdrive Relay Orientation

    I've added an OD to my car as it is being rebuilt. As a pre-TR60000 TR3A, I know the proper original relay would be the one with screw terminals, and have seen interesting discussions about which way to mount those. Unfortunately, not having one with the screw terminals, I'm using the later...
  15. T

    TR2/3/3A TR3 Grand Touring Option

    Does anyone out there have (or have photos) of a TR3 equipped with original GT kit, including the somewhat different (from later TR3A) door handles? Regards, Walter
  16. tr3guy

    TR2/3/3A Miscellaneous bracket and component paint -- gloss or semi-gloss

    I am getting ready to paint all of the miscellaneous, black finished brackets, horns, windshield wiper motor, etc on My 1960 TR3A. Is there any guide that tells what paint luster should be used for each component, such as gloss, flat, or semi-gloss?
  17. S

    TR2/3/3A gas gauge or sender or ???

    57 tr3. been restoring it for a few years, got it running just a few months ago. been working through problems as the stupid mechanic who supposedly put most of this together before abandoning this project "because i wasn't happy". gas gauge was supposedly rebuilt etc a number of years ago...
  18. S

    TR4/4A problem with overdrive

    tr3 with a tr4 trans with od. the od pops in, but doesn't let go. even if i power off the car, the solenoid does not release. if i remove and replace the solenoid, it again pops in but not out. i have another tr4, where the od works fine. i notice on this car that there is some sort of...
  19. S

    TR2/3/3A TR3 fuel pump

    57 tr3 small mouth. has about 7 miles on it. had some transmission troubles, had to remove it, get it fixed, and put it back in. that took about 3 months. fuel pump seems to have failed. no gas to carbs. put in new one, but still same problem. gas gets to the glass bowl, and if you prime...
  20. T

    TR2/3/3A Steering Column Grommet

    Hello All, I've seen a number of ways the steering column grommets have been installed, sometimes trimmed. The clamp onto the column itself is clear. Should there also be a hole in the firewall above the column where the top base of the grommet is screwed in? Also, on my car, there is a band...