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TR2/3/3A Sheet metal question,

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Greetings All,
I’m in the market for some sheet metal and looking for reviews on Moss vs TRF or other vendors.
I learned “from this forum” that the battery box from TFR is superior to Moss’s, so that’s where I’m going for that.
Now I need floor pans, outer sills and possibly front inner fenders. Any suggestions in that area?
Im aware of the price difference, within a few bucks but quality material and fitment is very important too.

I say “possibly” on the inner fenders because my are only in ROUGH shape from the shock towers forward.

Thanks All, she’s coming along.

Joe in TX


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I used floors, inner and outer sills from TRF. This is my second use of these types of parts. The inner sills I found to be very good as well as the floors. I did have problems with the outer sills. This may have been due to previous damage to this car.


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I have heard that the outer sills made by these guys have the correct curve built in unlike a lot of others. I got seat pans from them and was very pleased as they were a perfect match to my original pans minus the rust. They have a lot of TR3 sheet metal parts.
They can be slow to respond to e mails or at least were when I dealt with them they were but came through in the end.



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Hey Joe,

There is a wide variety of prices and quality when it comes to sheet metal. Some of the low end panels can take triple the installation time or more. The only consistent thing I have found is that the panels that are labelled as "British Heritage" parts tend to be the better panels overall. They are an organization that verifies the parts they back with at least a minimum degree of quality control. Among those parts, some have the cage nuts installed, and others don't. So that is something to look for....frequently the little higher price gives you a more complete panel.

Some of the low end panels are actually hand beaten, and look like they were. An example of that level are the Ebay "Made in America" floor panels that are always advertised. I don't mind hand beaten, but I know I could do a better job than they do. Moss used to sell them, and I bought a set of floors on my first car. It took me 4 months to convince Moss to take the return...not to mention the $127 in shipping to send them back. I notice Moss no longer carries them!

For other parts and hardware I usually go with the sale items. Just check them before the return period runs out, as crappy quality repro parts are rampant from all the suppliers. TRF tends to be the better of the big suppliers more times than not.

Graham H

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Kilmartin do a repair panel for the front of the inner fenders but you will have to make the inner part of it.

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