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TR4/4A TR4 front and rear suspension


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i have an early TR4. i need to replace the front shocks and the rear lever shocks. it looks like the front shocks just unbolt? is it as easy as it looks? i'm assuming you don't have to tear into the front suspension to do this?

on the rear, i've got panhard bars; they are welded in. i'm assuming those will have to come out as well??? anyone have any idea? again, i think it will all unbolt. looks like one of those adventures where i won't know until i go there.


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... is it as easy as it looks? i'm assuming you don't have to tear into the front suspension to do this?
It is...and you don't.
As for removing your lever shocks, how about a photo of your panhard rod.


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Those are not Panhard rods, they are radius rods or tramp bars. A Panhard rod runs across the car and is fixed to the axle at one end and to the chassis on the other end. It locates the axle laterally. The ones that you have are meant to prevent spring wind up under hard acceleration. Unless you have a V8 fitted, this is not a problem that most TRs have. They can sometimes cause peculiar handling at the limit as they move through a slightly different arc compared with the spring. However, it does not look like they will cause you difficulty in disconnecting the shocks.


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thank you! i kind of thought they were overkill for that car. but i think they are period accessories so they will stay.


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Kinda' cool, though! From what I see the shocks will come out without messing with the extra links.

For the front, you need to keep the weight on the front suspension. Then you can remove the rebound stops from the frame (2 long bolts), and then the bottom of the shock is held to a mount with 4 nuts. The mount and bottom of the shock, with the rebound bumper attached to it, can be brought down out of the resulting hole in the spring pan. Of course the top of the shock has a single nut holding it to the tower.


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thank you. last night i made a lot of progress on the front drivers side shock. most of it came off pretty easily. hope to make more progress today.
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