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  1. J

    For Sale 1965 TR4 Parts - Rebuilt trans, floors, 4x good 15" painted wire wheels

    1965 Triumph TR4+ other TR Parts (PRICES ALL REDUCED!): Triumph TR2-6 Parts For Sale: Rebuilt TR2-4 (non-overdrive) transmission with new throwout bearing, $675. (4x) 15x5" TR wire wheels in excellent shape, need cleaning/touch-up or powdercoat, come with good rolling tires that hold air...
  2. D

    TR4/4A Automatic transmission in a TR4 A

    I know this is considered blasphemy in our world, but a friend of mine has a TR4 A but due to leg problems can no longer depress the clutch pedal. So I was wondering if the automatic transmission from the Stag could be used in the TR4 A. Also whether anyone out there has done this? Thanks, Dan
  3. B

    Triumph A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Biloxi

    Submitted by Al Bradley ( @bradal ) Behind the Smile ANOTHER TRUE SPORTS CAR STORY By now some of you will have heard this, so please bear with me. It’s a good story. This story happened when the USAF sent me to Biloxi, Mississippi for further training to be akiller. First of all, I had the...
  4. M

    howdy from Vermont

    1965 TR4 IRS in S.E. Vermont Howdy to the forum and all members. I have been lurking for weeks, Im done lurking. I added a TR4 to the car barn a few months back and I just started the refurb/ rebuild endurance process. With many dire warnings about how Im digging a pit to throw $$ into, Ive...
  5. Z

    For Sale 8 Blade yellow Fan for triumph

    Bought for my TR-4 but sold the car. New in box from the Roadster factory. $65 Shipped-to USA Paypal preferred
  6. J

    For Sale La Dawri 'Del Mar' fiberglass body for TR-2 thru TR-6

    REVISED 29 JUNE - 1963 LaDawri Del Mar (body only or body & chassis): Body (only) Price, $1800 or best offer Body & Restored Chassis, $4K OBO. From a 20-year slumber in a heated garage in Minnesota. First plan is to sell the body, keep the chassis - but will consider selling as a...
  7. Z

    For Sale Les Leston Wood Steering wheel with Triumph hub and boss

    Les Leston Wood Steering wheel with Triumph hub and boss She came off my old tr4. forgot I put her in a box. the tr4 is long gone. I'll get some pictures up soon. In good shape. $350 obo + shipping PayPal preferred Pictures of Steering wheel..
  8. Z

    For Sale OE Under Dash Speaker refinished new speaker installed

    I'm selling an original speaker for a Tr-4 that has be refurbished. She has a new speaker installed and has been refinished in black crinkle. Still has the original cardboard backing. $125 + shipping OBO from Missouri.
  9. L

    New member and new owner of a derelict 64 TR4

    Hi All! My first car was a 2nd hand TR7, then I had a couple of 70's Spitfires, then 25 years later a couple of XJ40's. When the electric fuel pump in my 87 XJ was stranding me and the shops were holding on to it for 6 weeks or more and out of experience with the model, not even beginning to...
  10. C

    TR4 from the ground up

    Retired and myself taking pats of my 62 TR4. When I got past the tipping point I figured I might as well go all the way. As of date it seems you can't take 2 steps without running into car parts. As of date, the chassis is ready for coating. I look forward to getting helps and hints as I put...
  11. Andy Blackley

    Wanted Looking for TR4 or $A

    Looking for TR4 or 4A Looking to buy a previously restored TR4 or TR4A, preferably one that underwent a frame off restoration at some point but not a show car. Sensible modifications are OK
  12. T

    TR4/4A Rear stud spins! How do I get it out?

    Greetings! I've searched and searched and read a whole slew of posts about the "threaded" wheel studs on the TR4. I'm restoring a 1962 TR4 that has obviously seen some pretty bad days, but is finally beginning to rise from the rust. One thing I have to do is replace all the wheel studs as almost...
  13. 1

    New Member Intro. and Maybe Something of Interest to You

    Hello All, I've lurked long enough and will now join your knowledgeable community. To smooth my entry and establish some "bona fides" as a Triumph nut I will provide a possible answer to an old TR4 competition question at the end of this post. But first too much about me and my cars. My...
  14. S

    TR4/4A TR4 front and rear suspension

    i have an early TR4. i need to replace the front shocks and the rear lever shocks. it looks like the front shocks just unbolt? is it as easy as it looks? i'm assuming you don't have to tear into the front suspension to do this? on the rear, i've got panhard bars; they are welded in. i'm...
  15. T

    TR4/4A TR4 Carburetors/Idling

    Have adjusted the carburetors SU-H6 as the two front spark plugs were running too rich. Flow meters show identical measurements. Gunsun Colortune shows blue/ red flame. Still the two front cylinders are fouling the spark plugs. If the mixture is set to more lean, it won't idle when driving...
  16. Tim Tucker

    TR4/4A Which seat frame do I have?

    Hi Guys! I've stripped my passenger seat down and would really appreciate your knowledge on what frame I have. My TR4 was built 10/23/1962, but my seat covers (per Moss pictures) are from a 4a. Are my frames from a 4a? The front of the passenger side has a small 'dent' in the lower rail that...
  17. T

    TR2/3/3A TR4 Air cleaners on TR3

    Would appreciate any clarification of what I have read on some of the threads about alternative paper air cleaners. Do the early TR4 paper cleaners fit the TR3 carbs AND clear the inner fenders? Were the TR4 cleaners a complete disposable assembly, or were the paper filters replaceable? I see...
  18. S

    TR4/4A wheels

    with the slow disappearance of tires, especially high performance tires, for the TR4, I am looking at 16" wheels. I know you can put them on a TR6; does anyone have experience doing that on an early TR4?
  19. T

    TR2/3/3A Experience with repro cylinderhead

    Hallo there, I am rebuilding my TR3As engine and found leckage in the cylinder head between the water side and the cylinder 2 exhaust channel- some crack inside the head. So probably hard or impossible to repair - No big thing, just leaking little water onto the exhaust valve an limiting the...
  20. S

    TR4/4A electric fan

    i have a 62 TR4, which was pretty modified by its two previous owners. i've kept up the tradition; it needed an engine rebuild so we upped it to 89 mm pistons. needles to say, it runs a bit hot. did not have a mechanical fan on it when i got it; it had a pretty strange big heavy metal motor...