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  1. T

    TR2/3/3A Hub Bearing Adjustment for TR3 w/Disc Brakes

    I saw this discussion before but couldn't find it. Is the TR Service Instruction of Oct 56 (attached) the best guide for hub bearing adjustment/tolerances for the disc brake TR3s? Regards, Walter
  2. S

    TR2/3/3A Transmission not going in

    this car has been undergoing restoration for years. finally got it running and driving a few months ago, and ran into numerous problems. note: i had mistakenly paid somebody to do most of the work, and he decided he didn't want to finish it. most likely, he did such a lousy job he didn't...
  3. T

    TR2/3/3A TR3 Oil Pan Paint?

    Can someone tell me what if any color paint was original to the TR3/3A oil pans? Black, same as the block? Regards, Walter
  4. W

    TR2/3/3A TR2/3 Front Suspension Upgrades

    As the outdoor projects wind down, I am looking at beginning to re-assemble the TR3 parts onto the Ratco frame. Does anyone have any experience with the new vertical links with negative camber, or with the three degree castor trunnions? They are available new from a number of suppliers but are...
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    Mgb owner says hi

    I have a 1972 MGB Roadster called BEAN who lives with me and my wife and son in South London. I am obsessed and want to add an MGA and a TR3a to the fleet before too long. I am actively seeking these two cars so anyone with one for sale please let me know asap. Budget about 20,000 EURO each...ish.
  6. A

    TR2/3/3A Clutch Question

    Hello! A bit of background, I purchased a 1960 Triumph TR3 as a project for myself to work on. The car is not currently drivable and I am going through everything to get it there. I removed the clutch slave cylinder to rebuild it, when I found that the clutch shaft could be easily moved by...
  7. T

    TR2/3/3A Oil Pump Grief

    Due to aggravating circumstances early in the rebuild my original pump was lost. I have heard the horror stories concerning the "County" or reproduction TR3/4 pumps and I guess there is only the one production source which all of the vendors use. One would think that one of the big outfits...
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    TR2/3/3A Thermostats in Hot Summers and Moderate Winters

    Given that everything else which can affect cooling on a TR is in order (radiator/cap/shroud, pump, tuning/timing) one generally wants to have a decent thermostat. This is a much discussed topic on various fora as I have found: Traditional bellows vs. modern, modern with or w/o holed bypass...
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    TR2/3/3A Windscreen Stanchion Guide Plates

    Hello All, Are the subject guide plates supposed to be chromed? Regards, Walter
  10. T

    TR2/3/3A Overdrive and Grearbox Shops in Florida and South Virginia

    Would appreciate any recommendations for good repair shops in Florida or southern Virginia for Brit car transmissions, including Laycock overdrive additions/replacements/repairs. Regards, Walter
  11. S

    TR2/3/3A TR3 Over heating

    I have the same issue as many with keeping my 1959 TR3 engine cool while at idle after running at speed. I am looking for feedback from anyone who has actually dealt with this issue or just general running hot issues. Did you add an electric fan? Did you replace the stock fan blade. Which fan...
  12. T

    TR2/3/3A TR Rocker Arm Spacers

    Would be interested to hear from those who are using metal or nylon rocker arm spacers available from various sources as a replacement for the original springs, due to spring wear or perceived improvement; also from those who see no need whatsoever to ever replace the spring spacers. To my...
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    TR2/3/3A Capillary Tube Clips

    Anyone know if some insulating material should be wrapped underneath the clips when securing the temp gauge capillary to the fuel line? Have seen photos like this that look like folks have done it: Regards, Walter
  14. T

    TR2/3/3A Type A Overdrive, Physical Differences between Roadster Brands?

    Excepting the ratio difference for some applications (28% for Jags vs. 22% for others?), was there any physical difference in the Type A sports overdrives between those used in TRs, Austin-Healey, MG, etc.? Or are the differences only in the rear casing dimensions? I know the sedans are a...
  15. T

    TR2/3/3A TR3 Gearbox Top Cover OD Switch Locations

    Gentlemen, I don't have my car at home to check and can't find a specific reference, so the more naïve question first. Do the TR3/3A non-OD gearbox top covers have pre-tapped holes for the OD switches, or just the raised areas where they should be located? Is there such a location for an...
  16. T

    TR2/3/3A TR3A Reverse Light

    Hello all, Does someone know if the factory optional TR3 reverse light, 502251, was one and the same as the Lucas L494 lamp, part # 52671? Was it mounted under and to one of the overrider brackets? Does anyone have a photo? Have only seen one in Piggott's book. It was round like a mini-spot...
  17. T

    TR2/3/3A Type-A Overdrive Handling Differences

    Gentlemen, As part of my TS52910L rebuild, I'm looking to add an overdrive. I understand there were perhaps three changes to the A-type used from TR3 to TR250/early TR6, that these dealt mainly with the accumulator piston sizes and that piston size affects how smoothly the OD engages? Someone...
  18. T

    TR2/3/3A Tracing Vehicle History

    As restoration of my '59 TR3A (TS52910L, engine# TS53112E) proceeds I am interested in piecing together the owner and driving history of the car. The right "bookend" documentation starts with the gentleman who sold me the car in 1991 and I'll work my way backwards. The left bookend starts with...
  19. A

    TR2/3/3A I'll pay for competent repairs!

    I have a 1959 TR3a that can run but has some issues (rhetorical.) I can figure out what many of the problems are but lack the skill & tools to fix them. I will soon be shipping it to North Carolina for a family member to work on it cosmetically, but want to get some engine, brake, suspension...
  20. J

    General Tech I Need a Set of Plug Wires! Help!

    So the story goes I needed a tune up. I got a cap and everything but the wires. I tried to make some sprial core chevy wires work and they didn't work, I busted through the cap when tightening the wires in. I ordered another cap and wire set from moss and it worked for about 3 seconds then...