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WANTED: Healey BN1 "Smiths" Fuel Gauge (Dead or Alive)


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I am in need of the Smiths Model X.49422/219 Fuel gauge used on the Healey BN1 (maybe BN2 as well).
Its not so important if the gauge works, or its faulty, am still interested.
I don't need the fuel tank sensor, just need the gauge that fits in the dash only.
If you have anything drop me a message and we go from there.
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I have one. It's rough looking, from a BN1 parts car that hasn't been driven for at least 30 years..... I have no idea if it works, but can clearly see it needs careful cleaning at least. The speckles you see are mold on either the inside of the glass or on the black gauge face (I cleaned the outside of the glass). Not nearly as attractive as the one you show but may clean up well? Needle swings when gauge is turned over so it's not frozen.
I have no idea what shipping might be, or if this one is worth the shipping costs?

Feel free to PM me if you want. I can send more pictures. If you think it has some use to you, make me an offer.


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