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Help Wanted - SE WI


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Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies is Hiring!

Pegasus is looking for an additional team member to fill the role of Technical Advisor/Customer Service Representative. Hands-on automotive motorsports experience and road racing experience, in particular, is preferred.

Our goal is to provide superior customer service to our customers. The Technical Advisor/Customer Service Representative position consists of taking calls from customers, and potential customers, who may have technical questions regarding the parts we offer and their applications. This is in addition to other Customer Service duties such as taking phone orders and processing website orders.

Pegasus offers competitive wages (based on experience), a benefits package, employee discounts and support to our employees that participate in relevant competitive motorsports events.

Please feel free to stop in to fill out an application or send a resume to Carla:at:PegasusAutoRacing.com (or click one of the links at the bottom of our web page and we'll pass it along).

Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies, Inc.
2475 S 179th Street
New Berlin, WI 53146 USA


Jedi Warrior
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Bumping this post as another position has become vacant.

From my own perspective, this has been both a tremendous learning opportunity and a great way to show off how much I know. Honestly, looking back at what I knew when I started, I'm surprised they even gave me an interview. I learn something new here every day, and I've been here over 20 years.

If you have a background in graphic design, English composition, web design, social media marketing, or other digital technology, that can be incorporated into your job duties.
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