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Wanted Wanted...hardtop for 100-6 BN 6 2 seater


Luke Skywalker
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Says it all in the headline.... probably a smoothline if you have one...really don't want a stock 4 seater type...ruins the cars lines.
Says it all in the headline.... probably a smoothline if you have one...really don't want a stock 4 seater type...ruins the cars lines.
Hi there,
I know your post is a few years old...
But i've got an excellent condition Smoothline hardtop that came with my BN6. It's painted in old english white and is in virtually unweathered condition. It's been sitting in my garage attic, and I've never used it on the car. I don't think the prior owner ever used it either!
Plex window is clean and clear.
Let me know if you're still in search of one of these tops. I'm located in SF bay area.
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