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vintage style seatbelt installation 1965 MG Midget


Senior Member
Hello everyone,

I'm having my interior redone by a local shop, and my guy is ready to install the seat belts. I purchase the vintage style lap belts from Moss (222-235). And was curious where the mounting bolts are to be located? Should I have the 3 point ones instead of just the lap belts? The car didn't have them when i got it, and i've done a complete restoration, and am a little confused on the best way to go. My car is a 65' Midget, and it does have the 3rd point on the wheel well, thanks, chad


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I would (and do) have 3 point belts!
That steering column does NOT collapse but you would if you hit it.
The lower bolts used to have holes on the tunnel and under the door and still should.


Jedi Trainee
The factory manual has a diagram and measurements for installing the three point seat belts. I think spritespot.com has the manuals linked on their homepage.


Luke Skywalker
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Very good point, Bill. My car has the original equipped lap belts in good shape which I hate to give up but the argument about non collapsable steering column makes a lot of sense!!

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