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Identifying vintage of a Weber DCOE


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I've got a complete 40 DCOE and a 'junk' 40; with one carburettor having set screws holding the auxiliary and the primary choke in place, and the other carb with no hold downs other than the inlet trumpets.

Does anyone have advice as to which is the older?

And this ties in with sitting in the garage tonight, with the heat on, listening to Gracie Slick and the Jefferson Airplane in 'White Rabbit', and drinking a semi-novelty beer from Big Rock (a major local brewer here in Calgary) labelled Citradelic - purchased because the label looks a heck of a lot like my old King Crimson 'Court of the Crimson King' album.




All I know about DCOE's is that the early Italian are the best. Aren't the intake trumpets supposed to hold everything together?



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Your DCOE should have a model number on top of the carb. I believe the 151 are the newest Italian versions.
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On the Weber DCO family, out board of the jet cover (the round bit with the Mickey Mouse ears headed fastener) are two raised areas with stamping to indicate Type and Number. See attached picture and look to the right of the blue mark on the middle carb. There several models of the 40DCOE with single digit designations such as 40DCOE2, double digit designations such as 40DCOE12 or 40DCOE18 or triple digit designations such as 40DCOE106 or 40DCOE151.

The inlet horns on the 38 and 40 DCOE do indeed position and hold the aux venturi in place. This is not the case on the 45, 48 and 50DCOE. Regardless, you should run the inlet horns on the larger carbs as air flow through the carb and minimization of reversion is the function of the horns.

As far as aftermarket conversion kits that used the 40DCOE, the most common are the 40DCOE2, 40DCOE18 and 40DCOE151. As far as current aftermarket availability, I think that only the 40DCOE151 is available but in the back of my mind seem to recall that the current ones are Spanish production.


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Tybalt, thanks for that! Among the Lotus folk there is not a lot of love for the Spanish DCOE.

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