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Vintage Radio

Hubert Holloway

Freshman Member
My 1964 BJ8 came with a vintage radio in a box along with some other parts. There is no identification on the radio except the dial face says "All Transistor". It is an AM pushbutton, with a switch on the back for neg or pos ground. There is no speaker with it. Do the radios of this vintage require 4 ohm or 8ohm speaker, or does it make any difference?


Darth Vader
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Hubert, I don't have any expert knowledge about radios but I have a vintage radio for an old Corvette that I have been planning to get done. In that here is a fellow that with his wife restores and upgrades vintage radios of all makes. I have run into him a number of times at his booth at the Carlisle Car Shows through out the year. At Carlisle, Pa. He is an older gentleman whom I believe is retired from another career but he has been at these Car Shows for many years. He has always been enjoyable to talk to and volunteers any information easily about radios and electronics. I believe he will help you with all your vintage radio needs.


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You should be able to run either, all other things being equal you will get more volume out of 4 ohm speakers. On old cars/radios with limited amps they did 4 ohms for that reason, then 8 ohms kind of became the default, and now with modern high power amps they have gone back to 4 ohms for high power stuff.


Great Pumpkin
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Audio Power transfer between a radio or an audio amplifier are maximum if and only if the output impedance's of the device and its speaker are are matched.

I am sure a little research on google can solve this Radio,s output impedance.

Joe A

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Audio Power transfer between a radio or an audio amplifier are maximum if and only if the output impedance's of the device and its speaker are are matched.

I am sure a little research on google can solve this Radio,s output impedance.

Even in the case where a radio is designed to work with an 8 Ohm speaker impedance, the amplifier section will try and deliver twice the power at 4 Ohms. However, distortion may well be be higher as the amplifier is potentially being overloaded.

See here:





Jedi Knight
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Make sure the polarity of the radio is the same as the Healey.
If you hook it up wrong, most likely the radio will be toast.
Scott in CA


Great Pumpkin
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It's so old

I don't suppose that they have the results on the Battle of Waterloo! :lol:



Maybe if you happen to dial in on" What happened on June 18 "---.:excitement:
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