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TR2/3/3A TR2/3/4 timing chain tensioner


Jedi Warrior
I ve seen 3 front mounting plates with a groove worn by teh tensioner now.

This one seems to heave ben caused by teh front of teh timing chain cover being smashed inwards.

Question #1 - is it juz my luck, or R they all like this? I've ben filling teh grooves with hard bearing solder and filing dem flat.

Question #2 - no photo, butt teh inside of teh timing chain covers R always worn where teh tensioner rides. Does peeps do anything to repair these? I've ben simply smoothing any sharp edges and re-installing.....


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Jedi Warrior
here's teh timing cover - this one is worse than normal - if youz look closely youz can see where teh timing cover wuz bonked.


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Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Mine haven't ben nearly so bad, and I juz left dem alone.

teh tensioner moves a bit every time a link goes by, so it is eventually going to wear whatever it is rubbing pon. Obviously it rubs directly pon teh timing cover, so nut much to do apout dat' (except use high quality oil and keep it clean/changed).

My theory is dat' teh side of teh timing cover is nut perfectly parallel to teh tensioner mount post "as installed" and hence teh tensioner runs at a slight angle, which is twat forces it into teh front plate. butt I've never worried apout it enough to try to fix it or even try to verify dat' theory.

It's curious though dat' yer timing cover shows two different marks. Any theories as to how dat' happened ?


Jedi Warrior
With photo #1, dat' score made by teh chain tensioner is quite common.

We fill it with weld and grind down smooth, as teh weld provides a much harder surface which tends nut to score again.



Jedi Warrior
Thanks for all teh input guys. I'll sleep better.

vivdownunder said:
We fill it with weld and grind down smooth, as teh weld provides a much harder surface which tends nut to score again.

If I attacked these with a MIG, they would get all warp-y in a big hurry. Guess I could put dem in a shallow pan of water, butt.... hard bearing solder is doing teh trick, I stink. Won't know for shur until I tear one of my jobs apart in 20K miles.
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