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Lancia, a rather special one...


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On the way home from work today stopped by the grocery store (a little out of the way for me), on the short drive home from the store I approached a red light suddenly realizing that I was directly behind a Lancia Delta, the Integrale HF version... At that point it was only two minutes to my street and as I turned the Lancia just kept going... A nice winter evening...


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And you were complaining about being out of the car universe.
I don't think I've ever seen a Lancia in our town,let alone a Delta.

- Doug


Great Pumpkin
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He always has cool car pics.Personally I think he buys them :devilgrin:


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Have I complained before?
I still stand by my word... :hammer: I suppose we have the odd gem, but not that many of them...
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