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TR2/3/3A Is there a special way to get fuel pump off and on a 1961 TR3A?


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The fuel pump on my 1961 TR3A is very difficult to get installed due to interference from the big steering column bracket next to the firewall. Today my son and I were hopefully going to start the car for the first time. The first step was to make sure the fuel pump was pumping gas to the carbs. Yuk, no gas to fuel pump bowl. When I tried to move the priming lever on the fuel pump it would not move. We concluded that I had installed the fuel pump incorrectly. As we pulled the pump out quite a ways, I could then move the priming lever. So we assumed that the pumping arm on the fuel pump had gotten under the cam shaft lobe instead of up against it. So we tried to reinstalled the fuel pump again but every time we tried to tilt the pump to prevent the pumping arm from going under the cam lobe, the fuel pump would bump against the big steering column bracket and prevent us from tilting the fuel pump to get the pumping lever in correctly against the cam lobe instead of under it. Do I have to remove the big steering column bracket in order to tilt the fuel pump up on the engine end to ensure the pumping arm does not go under the cam lobe? That seems a drastic step. Thanks for the help!!!


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Try turning the engine one revolution. That will move the cam lobe away and give you more room. ISTR that once holding the priming lever up at the same time made it slide right in.


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Come on, 13,000!


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Thanks Randall! I'll give that a try. We did pull up on the priming lever while inserting the fuel pump, but I had not thought about making sure the cam lobe was away from the engine hole. I may even try wiring the priming lever up while the pump is out of the car, if I can get a wire around it.
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