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Mustang Calif. Special


Great Pumpkin
I was driving to work and I spotted a Mustang convertiblve with a weird rear end. It looked like an old Cougar.

The car was a '68 and it was acutally a "California Special" (fancy, ornate chrome badges on the rear fender told me so).

Looked like this one except it was a drop-top.



Obi Wan
Country flag
I think we can file the concept of marketing a "California Special" without a convertible option under "Ford had a dumber idea."


Staff member
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Am I the only one then who thinks the who car is a bad idea? I find it kind of ugly.


Great Pumpkin
Am I the only one then who thinks the who car is a bad idea? I find it kind of ugly.


I have a neighbor a few doors down who helped design the late '70s Pierre Cardin "special edition" Cadillac. He has all sort of photos of himself and Pierre working on the original design. In fact he owns one and drives it around in the Summer. He's a nice guy and I haven't commented on the Caddy (he also has a 944 and a P1800).
But, like the Mustang above, it made a reasonable-looking car look worse.

I never got the appeal of this type of car. Even living here in New Jersey, I can't think that there's enough lounge singers or mobsters around to buy these things.
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