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Bent frame rails near BE front end


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OK, I understand that the front section rails of the frame are supposed to be bent up a little by design. I checked a scrap section of a BE I have that is bent up quite a bit (pictured), a lot more than my project car which only has a slight bend. Is there some measurement spec as to what the proper amount of bend is?

I don't remember the actual measurement, but this photo shows a jig used to build the chassis and the amount of rise in the front rails. Seems like it's 3 1/4 degrees???



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That's a really cool photo. I think I will use it and take a known distance like the space between the two bonnet aligner holes on the front ends of the rails and use that to measure the height of the front of the jig compared to the back of it . Perhaps a little trigonometry to see how that jives with 3.5 degrees. I suspect that like most British things it will come out to a nice even number, like 1 or 2 inches.
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