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TR2/3/3A Bent lower wishbone arms


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When cleaning the wishbone arms I noticed that a couple are bent. If I place a straight edge along the top of the three bolt holes, with two holes lined up, the third is out of alignment by about two millimetres.
Out of six wishbone arms I have available, I have two of one type and one of the second type that are straight.
My questions are:
1 how critical to handling is this?
2 Is it acceptable to use a press to tweak them back into alignment?
In addition to handling issues, this will cause binding against the trunnion and will also prevent you from installing the spring plate.

They should be forged parts and so should be able to handle straightening with no problem I would think. Look them over carefully though. They must have gotten whacked pretty hard to get bent like that.
At 2 mm, I would not be concerned. The forces on the original rubber grommets in the top and bottom wishbones would result in dynamic alignment irregularities much greater. I would use them as they are.

Out of six wishbone arms I have available, I have two of one type and one of the second type that are straight.
My experience with used wishbone arms is very close to what you have found.
Decided to have a go at straightening the arms. I have a pipe bender which has a 12 ton hydraulic jack in it. Set the arms up in it and applied some pressure.
I was surprised at how little pressure was required to tweak the arms back into alignment.
I now have two good sets and one set spare.
For me, case closed! Thanks for the input guys.
Hi Lionel. I have checked mine and one side of the holes line up. The othe side of the hole that is threaded is about 2 mm off. I think the hole size is where the 2 mm comes in. I don’t think it is bent but the center line for the holes are different. Hope this helps, Frank
Pretty common to find them bent. Just sold a set to a forum member. Had to go thru a couple sets to find him a good set. Wouldn't have a problem using a set that have been straightened.
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