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Advice please on buying Jaguar E-type


Senior Member

This is the first time I participate in this forum, and hopefully I’ll became an active poster, … it depends perhaps on your responses.

I have been offered a Jaguar E-type series 1.5 OTS, USA version, that needs a complete restoration, even though the overall condition seems to be not very bad. I am keen in getting the cat and restoring it.

I have uploaded some pictures in


Can you have a look at tell me the pitfalls (if it is possible form the photos) I could meet in the restoration process? Any part missing that would be expensive to procure? Do you have some idea of the price that could be paid for the car?

I’ll appreciate very much your comments.

Thanks in advance.



Jedi Knight
The seats look to be from a Healey. Those will be expensive to find. I'm thinking a nice but not fully restored 1.5 can be bought over here in the 30-40,000 range if you look. Does that make this one worth 15? I don't know. Of course once you make the comittment to restore , it could cost 30 to restore ,doing most of the work yourself. Just my thoughts.

Marvin Gruber

Country flag
The body of the car looks pretty solid. Does the engine turn over. Are there any more parts. As previously mentioned seats are wrong. What about the conv. top rack. The interior will cost several thousand. Car in present condition, missing parts($12/15K range), to finish car out, you are going to spent about the same amount or more. You may be better off buying a finished car, no work and you will be driving it sooner. Hmm, I need to listen to myself.



Great Pumpkin
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I'm not a Jaguar guy, but I've restored a few cars over the years to concourse condition. If you have access to parts needed, and, I guarantee you will need to replace some, along with the skills to do most of the work your self, I'd say buy it and enjoy! We all don't buy cars to make a profit from them, most of us buy and restore them because we not only love the cars, but I think it's the challenge that tops the list. It is a personal thing. The cost to restore the car in mention can vary drastically depending on just how far you wish to go with it. Restoring it to a nice looking driver will take less time and cost a lot less than a show car. Your decision. PJ


Senior Member
Thank you all for your comments and interest.

I have previously fully restored one MG TD and one Triumph TR3A, and indeed I get extreme satisfaction in the different challenges. In this case, I wondered if even after doing a total restoration, it would be a margin for not losing money if having to sell.

The engine turns freely, and it seems that there is no t severe rust in the body. The top rack is there, although the wood rails are in very bad condition. Bumpers and lights are missing or in need of replacement. Evidently, all the interior is missing (included seats, I see .. - thanks for this detail).

The seller wants for the car 16K euro, and 1K more would be needed for registration paperwork. Knowing myself, I would end by doing a total restoration…



Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Jesus, Good luck with the car. Please keep us posted on your progress, even if it takes a long time to restore. We love to watch these cars being saved from the scrap yard! <span style="color: #FF0000">Scrap yard</span>, I hate to use that term in relation to these cars! PJ
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