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Accuspark distributor


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I have a Lucas 45/DE4 distributor for my 77 California smog Midget I'm restoring that rusted inside. Contacted James at advanced distributors and he said mine is not rebuildable so Im lookin for a replacement. I found on Ebay an outfit selling an Accuspark distributor with coil for $99 from the U.K. I saw some posts on the forum from 2010 asking about them and no one at that time knew anything. Anyone have any experience with these folks or know of a better option for me?
Just and idea, but have you tried Ebay for a 45d? ..It depends of course, on the cost of sending THAT one to A.D. .. When I did a search just now, another 45D replacement comes up at $130. ..

Just a thought.
Yes, I saw that too. I asked James at AD about it and he said he CAN rebuild mine, so I guess Ill send that to him. Thanks
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