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TR2/3/3A A couple of small distributor tech questions.....


Darth Vader
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1. I want to replace the the ground wire at the distributor plate. Is it mounted to the plate with an actual screw? Kind of looks like one but it seems oddly shaped on top and I'm wondering how it is actually fastened to the plate?
2. Anyone know what size screw is used to hold down the condensor and where to get one?


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Hi Karl, It should be held to the plate with a rivet; usually the stamping looks like a 'plus' sign on top. You should be able to solder a flexible wire onto it. The other end is attached to the distributor base with a screw. Not sure of details on the condenser screw - just a small grub screw.



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You can also use that condenser screw for the ground wire you ashed about...but it has to be flexible and an eyelet is best
Distributor Doctor Condenser 001.JPG


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The screws that hold the plate in the distributor are BA size, the old British standard for small screws. They are 4BA if I remember correctly. The capacitor screw is probably the same.

For a nice, flexible wire to ground the plate, you can use a piece of thin solder wick, 0.1" wide or narrower. That's very similar to the original braided wire. Try Amazon.


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British Tools and Fasteners.

You might want to remove one of the existing mounting-plate screws and try it in the hole to be sure it's the same. Then, check the diameter and thread to be sure you have the size right. I'm just going by memory, always dangerous. You can find dimensions here:

> Ba bolts questions, Ba Dimensions, Ba sizes, BA Specification, BSW BSF Specification, Ba screws, Threading sizing, <

I keep a set of thread gauges for metric, SAE, and BA/BSF threads. Very helpful in dealing with old cars, especially British.


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Here is a shot of an NOS breaker plate to show how the ground wire attaches. Its actually a grooved post on the bottom that slides in the fixed plate to allow movement for vacuum adjustments. That's shown from below in the 3rd shot. Poolboy's use of the condenser attachment point is a good alternative, as that post has to be very secure and unlikely you could drill it out and reattach. Oh, the fixed plate screws are the same size/thread, but much longer than the condenser one.


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