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1982 Ford F150 stepside vs 1975 Triumph TR7


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Something like that... :smile:

A guy I know here in town (it's not me) has the Ford F150, and is considering trading it for a Triumph TR7, so who wins the deal?

Apparently the TR7 could inherit a Rover V8 engine... :p


Staff member
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This feels like a very Zen sort of question.

How many surrealists does it take to screw in a light bulb? A fish šŸ˜



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If both are happy with the trade than there are no losers.


Great Pumpkin
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What shape's the truck in?TR7?
Prices on those trucks are going crazy right now,& '75 is
the least desirable year for a TR7.


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What shape's the truck in?TR7?
Prices on those trucks are going crazy right now,& '75 is
the least desirable year for a TR7.

It's not my trade money, just an interesting Facebook chat I had recently (a couple of days ago), he just said he was considering it depending on different factors on both sides of the equation...
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