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1950 Ford Prefect Brake Lining


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I heave a problem with my brakes, teh linings R riveted (I would never trust bonded) butt teh rub comes with teh dimensions 30mm wide by 5mm in thickness and according to small spares in England teh linings R 30mm wide by 4mm in thickness, without a brake machine I would never bee able to grind 1mm off teh linings and keep dem in tolerance over teh entire surface here is threr responce "
We sent youz teh 7W-2021 linings which should measure 30mm wide x 4mm thick and heave nut hod any feedback back saying they do nut fit.
Please advise"
Here is a set of linings for one axle with teh number 7Y-103E see photo. So any ideas how to grind 1mm off teh entire lining


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We've a shop here dat' does trucking companies' brake and clutch relining, they've done our Rolls Royce brake twerk for years. P'raps threr's a shop similar in yer area? They may laugh at youz for teh "toy-like" shoes, butt I'd bet they could do teh job.
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