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1980 Jaguar paint colour.... Quartz Blue?


Darth Vader
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Hello I'm visiting from the Triumph forum. I had my Triumph painted with this color in the 90's and need to repaint a fender. Unfortunately they have switched to low VOC paints here in Canada and I can't seem to get a good match on the color. I do have the correct code. Anyone know the name or type of paint used on the Jags of that era? Is it possible to still obtain a close match of this color from a company in the States?
Cheers Karl


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DuPont / PPG have the colors in their old books. Most old paint stores will have the number. My book is from 61 -70s. Will look and post.


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Since it has been 20 years or so since it was painted keep in mind that you could also be dealing with a bit of fade from sun exposure, pollution etc so that even an earlier formula might not completely match.
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