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MGB 1980 MGB harness question - brake servo/master cylinder


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I am installing a new wiring harness in our 1980 MGB-LE. I didn't get a good picture of the harness routing around the brake servo and master cylinder. Does it go through the two brackets and underneath the clutch master cylinder to the fender and then turn towards the brake master cylinder? Or does it stay inboard of the pedal box? Or?

The new harness doesn't have the original style connectors for the horns (no boot) and the brake pressure warning switch on the master. Just tubular connections covered with heat shrink tubing. I'm incline to splice in the original connectors from the old harness. Thoughts?




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Ended up routing the harness thru the circular hole on the left side of the bracket, behind the two cylinders, thru the right side bracket, and then between the brake servo/cylinder and the inner fender.
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