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TR6 1972 TR6 with "A"OD, issue with shift cover


Jedi Hopeful
Seems I have broken/jammed something on the shift rods.
When coming our of reverse the shifter jams up.
All gears run through OK.

In-addition, sometimes the transmission will jump out of reverse.
I don't drive this car hard at all.
Restored ground up in 2007. Transmission came with the car new and rebuilt once.

If I replace the cover is it the same as a standard 4 speed? Which I believe it's not.
Before I remove anything I would like to have all the parts there to reduce down time.

Can a standard 4 speed cover be modified if this is the case?
I appreciate any advice.
Thanks Arlie


Darth Vader
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Marvin Gruber

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Trans shift covers are the same. You will have to drill and tap the std cover to install the o/d switches. Other than that you can swap out. All this can be done without pulling the trans out of the car. I may have a spare trans cover that is for an overdrive. I do have several std covers. PM me if you want one.



Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Trans shift covers are the same. You will have to drill and tap the std cover to install the o/d switches.
Not as simple as it might seem, though. The hole location is important, and not necessarily centered on the boss in the casting. Plus the thread is a weird metric size, not usually found in sets.


Jedi Hopeful
Thanks all.
I will remove the dash center console and transmision cover later today to inspect.
I appreciate your help.

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