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TR6 1972 TR6 Differential Rebuild Question


Jedi Hopeful
I now have a whine from my Differential and it's probably time to rebuild it. No clunking but when letting off the gas
it makes a noise. All rubber mounts, rear wheel bearings, U joints, Diff steel mounts were replaced.
My Triumph Buddy gave me a used one from a donor 1976 TR6 with reported 55K miles.
Looked like it had never leaked but did have dried caked up oil. So I cleaned it up to inspected the gears, paint then seals etc. I then found it had very little oil 4/5oz in it. It was removed from the donor and but never drained. So becomes my story.
The gears looked good, very litle play, no rust or missing/ broken teeth, no harsh smell. So that's scary. How did someone drive the car like that.
I wanted to minimize my down time so I could rebuild the spare and keep the installed one for another project.
A good diff mechanic I know can rebuild the donor.
BPNW has the best prices on bearings etc so I am thinking of calling them. Let me know your opinion. Should I drop $500 on it or is it too much of a risk. Rebuilds start at $1300 + Shipping.



Darth Vader
Or perhaps it was turned over or stood on end so the fluid leaked out the vent.



Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Phew! For $500, buy some tools and do it yourself.

Never did write that article, but here's some photos that might help:

Of course that's for my Stag (actually the diff shown was out of a 2.5 Estate), but the only difference is the front seal & flange.

It's more tedious to do it without the special setting tool, but not difficult.
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